Spiderbite News Flash!

There has been no update, no replies on comments, and a nonsensical ending added one or two updates ago. What happened?

I won't bore you with the details of my personal life, so let's attribute a lot of the inactivity to two things.

A. I've been working on a large update, trying to get everything up and running so gold can be acquired easier and bosses can have more unique qualities.

B. I've recently gotten a better computer, and it's been a pain trying to balance things between the two so I can get my half finished project off my old computer and onto my new one, along with the software to run it.

Since everything has been a bit crazy computer-wise I'm going to try to get everything working, then worry about any future updates. I actually thought that, pending some more planning, I'd post a few games of a different sort following a similar story as was introduced in the ending of this game. I'll keep you posted as I make progress.


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