Emergency Reversion

I apologize, but because of the errors of version 0.3 I am forced to revert to version 0.2. This should only get rid of the shop and credits, which will be re-implemented once the errors have been ironed out. For now, enjoy playing the earlier version.

For those interested in a few more details, this game has been my experiment into many different aspects of Clickteam Fusion. Through developing this game, I have learned to develop simple AIs, bullets, cosmetics, saving systems, and more. More recently, I have begun experimenting with .ini files, which allow the collection and saving of data. It works with most things pretty well. The bad news is that something went wrong with how I implemented the new update, which introduced health and max health. For some reason, your health would not deplete if you got his by an enemy. They would disappear, but you wouldn't die. The worst part about this bug is that it only happened online. The downloadable test version that I use worked fine.

I'll continue to experiment with this version, and keep you posted with any progress I make.


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Feb 06, 2018

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